woaah~! it’s been a couple of months since I’ve been here:D
soo a lot has happened, I became a Lady (I actually don’t see any difference from the then and the now), I’m 18!! yaay!!..I can offically say I am legal.

I know it’s brief, but who cares?! ^^,

On Happy Valentines Day

Sooo…my topic for this day is On Happy (Bitter) Valentines Day…LuL I’m being bitter again. Though I don’t have any PERSONAL bitterness, I’m just being a Hipocrate..HAHA.maybe because…..well anyways, Valentines day should NOT only be for couples it is also for Families, friends and other people who are dear to you. For me, I guess Valentines day is receiving and giving LOVE.

I don’t think that -guys always be buying flowers, chocolate, balloons & etc- should be the ‘brand’ of Valentines Day, I think what matters the most is the thought behind. I think it’s more romantic if their partners should sing to them, or just write and exchange letters (I know, I’m Old School, LUL!) yes, they might be simple but they brought out the feelings, what I mean is you could feel the sincerity of it.

Though I’m not saying that I’m against buying gifts I’m just speaking-or more of a literal word- typing my opinion. plus! it could save money, knowing that everything now is soo “mahal”…

I guess, I’m being a cynic..All I can say is, in our modern era today, “Mahal na ang Pagmamahal” :))

This is MY Tumblr. MY Blog. MY Thoughts. MY Opinions. MY Writing.

So if you don’t like it.. The Hell I CARE !!!!



ps. GAHHH the bitterness in me..LUL

Daniel Powter - NEXT PLANE HOME

I woke up early to baby blue eyes from the afar whoah whoah
and when the sun comes through and lights you like the angel you are whoah whoah
I know I do you wrong when I’m with you I’ve been gone

With every season change, it looks the same (november to june) whoah whoah
And dont these empty streets skip a beat the flowers dont bloom whoah whoah

I can’t believe I missed your birthday again
and I wanna come back but I just don’t know when now

And I’m so lonely your not here with me
That’s why I’m gonna be on the next plane home

The road that never ends around the bend I see you smile whoah whoah
I’d swim across the sea to be with you for a while whoah whoah
cos I’m made a life would be gone
now the way that I feel is i just don’t belong here

And I’m so lonely you’re not here with me
thats why I’m gonna be on the next plane home
And you’re you’re the only face I wanna see
thats why I’m gonna be on the next plane home

Stand around try to make every moment
and be somebody yeah anybody
it seems the whole world is taking me over
I need somebody to help me getting back to it

and I’ve always been a million miles away
but things are gonna change
I just wanna come home

And you’re you’re the only face I wanna see
thats why I gonna be on the next plane home
yeah I’m taking the next plane home
Now I’m getting the next plane home
Now I’m taking the next plane home

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